Syrian Workers in Textile and Clothing Sectors

RSC’s Syrian Workers in Textile and Clothing Sectors project has been put into practice in order to ameliorate the working and living conditions of refugees and asylum-seekers, especially to give social, legal and economic counselling to the workers in textile and ready-made clothing sector. According to the independent researches conducted on the subject, biggest percentage of the Syrians living in large cities apply to work in the textile and ready-made clothing sector. RSC’s project has a significant role as RSC is the only center serving the asylum-seekers and refugees in this field in Istanbul and the surrounding region. Applicant refugee workers are monitored by RSC and provided with an effective remediation plan, which is implemented and concluded for them. RSC Istanbul office visits asylum-seeker and refugee workers on the spot to identify their needs and assures that workers have access to their basic legal rights. The remediation plans include guiding the workers about obtaining temporary protection status and receiving work permit, ameliorating their social and working conditions and enabling them to express themselves freely.


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