Refugee Support Center (MUDEM-RSC)

Refugee Support Center (MUDEM-RSC) was established in Ankara in 2014 to carry out activities in Turkey and abroad to address the problems of forcibly displaced people.

MUDEM-RSC, which has been providing social and legal support for asylum seekers' access to rights and services, providing psycho-social support, organizing various activities for integration establishment since its establishment, continues to work with its centers in many different parts of our country and its representation office in Ireland-Dublin.

MUDEM-RSC aims to develop empathy and dialogue between the refugee and the host community by creating social cohesion in society and to create a safe and favorable living space for vulnerable groups.

MUDEM-RSC works with all refugee groups regardless of language, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, and political view.

MUDEM-RSC continues its activities with lawyers, protection specialists, translators, psychologists, health educators, social workers, field workers, compliance experts, disabled specialists, mobile field teams. With its expert teams in the field, MUDEM-RSC cooperates with local authorities and other non-governmental organizations to facilitate the access of refugees to rights and services.

MUDEM-RSC also organizes activities such as meetings and conferences, conducts research studies, and supports studies in the field to increase social awareness about refugees, to strengthen cooperation and communication between non-governmental organizations and public institutions operating in this field.


MUDEM-RSC imagines a world where immigration is an act of free will.