MUDEM-RSC takes care to employ qualified employees in its field and carries out a human resources policy based on improving the current qualifications and areas of expertise of the employees.

Our Employee Profile

MUDEM-RSC works with people who are volunteers to work in the field of civil society, who are sensitive to society and the world, and who are experts in their fields.

While our center employs psychologists, sociologists, social workers, lawyers, educators, and health professionals who want to work and specialize in this field for field offices, also works with professionals who coordinate administrative affairs and projects in addition to the above-mentioned areas of expertise in its head office in Ankara.

How to Apply for Vacant Positions?

You should send your CV that you have prepared to apply for the suitable postings, to [email protected] address with a cover letter describing you, by writing the “subject title” text specified in the advertisement.

Since CVs are the first tool by which candidates can express themselves, care should be taken that they are carefully prepared. Personal introduction letters sent to our address in the form of letters without a resume attached are not taken into consideration.

The candidate’s application by selecting the postings according to the person’s characteristics and competencies will make the candidate advantageous in terms of pre-selection.

Our Human Resources Unit communicates only with candidates who passed the pre-selection. Therefore, applicants can’t receive information by phone.